Content on your own website is useful, but you can also boost your rankings by providing content on other people’s blogs to get backlinks. In 2014 Matt Cutts, former head of the web spam team at Google, boldly stated that “guest posting is dead”.

In the many years since we have come to realize that guest posting is not in fact dead, but different. It is now more important than ever to produce high-quality content for a guest post that provide value to the reader and do not sell your product. You can include a link to your site but it should only be one single link.

Guest posting is a very common content marketing technique and one that works. Guest posting is relatively simple, once you have a place to publish your work.

1. Find quality blogs that are related to your topics. Check to see if the blog already has a guest posting policy. Some will charge a fee to post your article.

2. Prepare a few article ideas that would fit with the content on the blogs you are considering.

3. Contact the blogs with your article ideas. It’s usually best to create titles for each one.

4. When you get a positive response (be prepared for a few negative ones), write the article and submit it. The article should have a link back to your website or a specific page on your site.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to write the guest post yourself. You can hire a freelance writer or SEO agency to handle this aspect of marketing for you. The main thing is to remember to submit only highly relevant, top quality articles. Not only will you increase your chances of having the content accepted, it will also rank better in the search engines.